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King Baudouin Foundation

Participatory Methods Toolkit

A practitioner’s manual

> A joint publication of the King Baudouin Foundation and the Flemish Institute for Science and Technology Assessment (viWTA), September 2005, PDF, 199pp. (...)

’Participation’ has become a buzzword in government statements and policy papers and the concept is being given concrete shape. But how can participation be organised? What methods are available and when and how are they applied? What are the implications for the budget and staff?
To offer a few answers to these questions, the King Baudouin Foundation and viWTA decided to edit a publication with the ambition to create a hands-on toolkit for starting up and managing participatory projects. This one is a second edition, completely revised and enlarged edition of the toolkit.
The core of the toolkit incorporates 3 additional in-depth fiches on participatory methods giving a total of 13. This new edition adds Deliberative Polling®, 21st Century Town Meeting® and Technology Festival to the original set, and offers an expanded introductory chapter. You will still find brief overviews of 40 methods and techniques. A chapter with general guidelines for using participatory methods, including a comparative chart of the discussed methods, completes the toolkit.  read

date of on-line publication : 9 June 2006

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