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Le portail rinoceros d’informations sur les initiatives citoyennes pour la construction d’un autre monde a été intégré au nouveau site Ritimo pour une recherche simplifiée et élargie.

Ce site ( constitue une archive des articles publiés avant 2008 qui n'ont pas été transférés.

Le projet rinoceros n’a pas disparu, il continue de vivre pour valoriser les points de vue des acteurs associatifs dans le monde dans le site Ritimo.

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The International Budget Project

The International Budget Project was formed within the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in 1997 to nurture the growth of civil society capacity to analyze and influence government budget processes, institutions and outcomes. The IBP is interested particularly in working with those organizations that focus on the impact of the budget on poor and low-income people in developing countries or new democracies. The group provides training and assistance and also participates in the monitoring of budget transparency.
The website contains an extensive list of civil society groups involved in budget analysis and transparency across the globe, a monthly newsletter, and a collection of online resources.


CORISweb is Transparency International’s (TI) Corruption Online Research and Information System, a portal which provides access to high quality, processed information for those with an interest in anti-corruption and governance issues. CORISweb is a free and readily accessible information resource for the global anti-corruption community, covering the causes and consequences of corruption and the remedies against it.
The site includes, amongst other features, a comprehensive index of reports, books and periodicals; legal texts including anti-corruption conventions and treaties, constitutions, statutes, acts, decrees and national directives, etc.; Research studies and papers published by both organisations and individuals; and a media archive containing news and analysis from leading newspapers and magazines from around the globe. Resources are also organised through thematic pages and country pages.

Publish What You Pay

Publish What You Pay is a campaign which aims to help citizens of resource-rich developing countries hold their governments accountable for the management of revenues from the oil, gas and mining industries. It is a coalition of over 280 NGOs worldwide which call for the mandatory disclosure of the payments made by oil, gas and mining companies’ to all governments for the extraction of natural resources.
The resources section of the site offers information on measuring transparency, toolkits, materials and publications and gives detailed information on the coalition’s objectives. The website is available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Azeri and Bahasa Indonesia.

Public Citizen

Public Citizen is a national, nonprofit consumer advocacy organization founded in 1971 to represent consumer interests in Congress, the executive branch and the courts. They campaign for openness and democratic accountability in government; for the right of consumers to seek redress in the courts; for clean, safe and sustainable energy sources; for social and economic justice in trade policies; for strong health, safety and environmental protections; and for safe, effective and affordable prescription drugs and health care.
The site includes areas to read publications on line on the featured issues, take action or read the latest news articles.

Transparency International

Transparency International is a global non-governmental organisation established in 1993 devoted to combating corruption. TI works at both a national and an international level to curb the supply and demand of corruption. In the international arena, it raises awareness about the damaging effects of corruption, advocates policy reform, works towards the implementation of multilateral conventions and subsequently monitors compliance by governments, corporations and banks. At a national level, chapters work to increase levels of accountability and transparency, monitoring the performance of key institutions and pressing for necessary reforms in a non-party political manner.
The website contains surveys, lists of key resources online and details of projects and activities. Also available in Spanish and German.

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